About Us

Be a Change Maker !

ChangeMyIndia is a initiative to bring about change in country. While we all know and curse about every problem we face and hope that someone someday will solve these issues, there are many people who want to contribute and change the nation, and are looking for challenging problems to solve. The youth needs a platform to be able to volunteer for a cause!

ChangemyIndia is one such movement which brings changemakers closers to real world problems which a common man faces everyday, and helps them think of innovative solutions, both tech and non-tech, to address some of these issues.

Currently, we face a huge crisis - CORONAVIRUS (Covid 19) - and there are many people who are facing grave problems because of that. Thus, this website is an attempt to try and get volunteers to help people in different regions.

How it Works?
The process is very simple! You just have to fill in a small form, stating the problem you face (For example- Lack of daily essential products, sanitiser shortage, etc.) If you want to volunteer and help others, you can fill in another form- "I want to Help" and we'll connect you with the right people in your region.

Happy ChangeMaking!